We are changing the world by building innovative games and creating cooperative experiences. Community in gaming is losing its edge as more people use technology to close themselves off from the world.

We are on a mission to bring back the the community that existed when LAN parties were a popular way to reconnect with friends on the weekend, when couch games were the best sellers at every store, and when strangers would bond in an arcade over watching the local Dance Dance Revolution champion take a new high score.

These examples are part of the community experiences we lost through technology. We plan to use technology to help bring these experiences back.

Finding Gravity

Finding Gravity is a game we started in our college class. We started this project with a dream to bring cooperative experiences into Virtual Reality! Besides being our most challenging project, Finding Gravity has been our most passionate project. We made our Kickstarter Campaign with the hope of validating our product. We are grateful for everyone who supported us and for everyone who has joined us on our journey.

The game is still in development. However we are on Steam Greenlight! Our team is still working day and night to make Finding Gravity a reality... a virtual reality.

Image of Finding Gravity

Audiowave VR

AudiowaveVR Logo

AudiowaveVR started as a project we made overnight at our university's largest hackathon. At this hackathon we won the Microsoft Challenge as well as take 2nd place overall. AudiowaveVR is a new way to listen to your favorite music using a Virtual Reality headset. With a Google Cardboard and a Smartphone you can use AudiowaveVR right from your bedroom!

In a time when all six of us were struggling with getting through school and sleeping on family member's couches, we made AudiowaveVR with the attempt to find greater funding and traction for our game Finding Gravity!

The traction and partnerships we have recieved through AudiowaveVR has saved Finding Gravity!

We partner with local musicians to help advertise music. If you are interested in working with us feel free to reach out.

Our Existence

Grace Foundry is currently a group of six college students who enjoy making awesome games. As a team, we bond over the love of innovation and gaming. We are all classmates. We all met through our University's game design program. We first built a fun Android app called Shape Defender. Don't ask us why, but we named our entity for that project "Morpheometrics". We realized after that we could use our skills to make and name better projects and to take on a more aggressive mission.

That is when we formed Grace Foundry. Success for us means building a sustainable studio that allows us to continually create cool games for this world.

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