Over the years, community gaming has lost it’s edge. With the rise of competitive experiences like League of Legends and World of Warcraft, the landscape of cooperative games have turned to one of competition and conquest. We aim to change this by creating truly immersive and cooperative experiences to allow people to collaborate rather than close themselves off.

We strive to create games that foster friendship, community, and fun. Specializing in VR and AR, we want to use technology to create new ways for people to bond, replacing the old ways that are dying out.

We will create a better world of cooperative gaming!

Finding Gravity

Finding Gravity is a game we started in our college class. We started this project with a dream to bring cooperative experiences into Virtual Reality! Besides being our most challenging project, Finding Gravity has been our most passionate project. We made our Kickstarter Campaign with the hope of validating our product. We are grateful for everyone who supported us and for everyone who has joined us on our journey.

The game is still in development. However we are on Steam Greenlight! Our team is still working day and night to make Finding Gravity a reality... a virtual reality.

Image of Finding Gravity

Audiowave VR

AudiowaveVR Logo

Welcome to a world of music brought to life! Here, you can experience your music visually with a Google Cardboard or HTC Vive. Fly through different environments, all changing and reacting to the music you input.

Audiowave VR is available for download on the Google Play store! Keep an eye out on Steam and the App store for Audiowave in the future!

We partner with local musicians to help advertise music. If you are interested in working with us feel free to reach out.

Try Audiowave VR on Android

Our Existence

Grace Foundry was founded by a group of five college friends who enjoyed making awesome games together. As a team, we bond over the love of innovation and gaming. Through our time in the Game Design program at the University of Utah, we collaborated and created interesting and entertaining games, all the while discovering that we worked well together. However, we wondered what more we could do if we weren’t just limited to a semester or two to work together!

After entering and winning awards in HacktheU for our VR music game, now called Audiowave VR, we decided to form a development company, calling it Grace Foundry. Grace being an acronym of the founding members names.

Together, our goal is to break through into the yet untapped VR co-op game market. Look for us in the future on the HTC Vive, Microsoft (insert name of thing I forgot), Oculus Rift, and Google Cardboard! We hope to be the go to co-op game studio of future VR game endeavors!

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